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What's the point of having a fiction section about PD's? 

I've read so much about them, and struggled with them so much in real life, fiction seemed a great way to impart truths I have grown to know. 

What would I like people to know who feel judgmental toward someone who cut off their BPD mother? What did Stanton Samenow write about APD criminals that Jen Melfi in The Sopranos didn't read far enough to find out?

Sometimes fiction explains these kinds of things better than anything else. 

On Wattpad you will find:

Split Black. As rookie police detective John Robin struggles to solve the murder of the homicide chief who brought him on the squad, he realizes his mother has borderline personality disorder, and that's a good part of the reason his life and career are such a mess.

Midnight in the Garden. A popular Star Wars fan fic in its day, this story took what therapist and researcher Stanton Samenow had to say about reforming criminal behavior in Inside the Criminal Mind and applied it to the redemption of Palpatine.

Chapters of Midnight will stay here until I get them all moved. After that, click on the Wattpad link.

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